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Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Update your basic flooring to a high-gloss masterpiece with polished concrete

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Solutions in Kansas City, MO

Are you looking for an easy—yet effective—way to transform your commercial property in the Kansas City metro area? Do potential customers get turned off by your business’s eyesore of a floor? Or do your employees hate working on a cracked floor that’s falling apart? Then choose the easy solution of a high-quality commercial epoxy concrete coating.

For decades, the team at Epoxy Floors by Welch has been improving commercial properties just like yours in Kansas and Missouri. We’re a full-service flooring contractor that specializes in commercial epoxy floors to get your business moving and looking better. Discover how we can help you with our one-of-a-kind epoxy flooring service.

Benefits of Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Feel free to ask any property owner who has made the upgrade to an epoxy concrete coating what they think about their new floor. And we’re confident they’ll all tell you the same thing: commercial epoxy floors are incredible! Very few renovation projects offer several advantages that improve both aesthetic appearance and functionalit

Durability For All Your Needs

Whether your commercial property is a shop floor that has forklifts constantly buzzing around or a university that has squeaky shoes endlessly scuffing the surface, epoxy has got you covered. Our epoxy flooring systems are designed with a high-quality base coat to strengthen the concrete and protective top layer to withstand abrasions and more. As a result, you have the best flooring surface for your property’s needs.

Less Maintenance

Powered by its durability, epoxy floors are also easier to maintain than traditional floors. Because the top layer acts as a shield that stops dust, debris, and liquids from lingering, the surface holds up well day in and day out. So, all you and your team need to get your floor to shine is the occasional sweep and mop—as opposed to the daily, strenuous cleaning you do now.

Liquid Resistant

Most commercial properties are home to an array of chemicals, and when accidents happen those spilled chemicals can stain your floor. Say goodbye to ugly stains with epoxy! Our floors work for you to stay looking great, especially when it comes to liquids and chemicals that can taint other surfaces.

Improved Appearance

Take pride in your commercial facility with a floor that looks wonderful. A new, beautiful epoxy coating gives your business an improved look with a shiny, uniform, and in-good-shape surface. Plus, you can customize your floor with decorative flakes to boost the aesthetic or even floor signage to direct people throughout the building and more. You can have a better-looking property with epoxy!


Lasts for Decades

With the right maintenance and installation, most epoxy floors can last between 15 to 20 years. That means you’ll get unparalleled use out of your floor while not having to worry about fixing and replacing it every few years. Additionally, this can mean an improved property value when it comes time to re-sell the property down the road.

Our Commercial Epoxy Flooring Services

If you want to patch up a small section of your property or install a completely new epoxy showroom floor, Epoxy Floors by Welch is your local, go-to contractor. As a full-service company, we handle everything from installation, repair, and maintenance. Our team is trained, equipped, and experienced in all commercial flooring projects. So we can help you, whether your commercial property is a

  • Retail store,
  • Auto shop,
  • Showroom,
  • Manufacturing plant,
  • Warehouse,
  • School or university,
  • Restaurant,
  • And much more!

Rely on us to get your business’s flooring job done quickly and correctly, so you can cherish it for years on end.

The Epoxy Flooring Process

The best flooring results come from attention to detail and process. That’s why you want a professional contractor handling your commercial job. Those are the guys who know how to successfully install a floor that withstands heavy-duty usage, improves a property’s appearance, and lasts for decades. When you choose Epoxy Floors by Welch, you won’t need to worry because our contractors and technicians are meticulously trained in the epoxy flooring process.

Here’s a glimpse at how we work with you to transform your business:

  • Step 1: Consultation and Assessment. Our team works with you from the start to understand what you want, inspect your property, and create the best solution unique to you.
  • Step 2: Floor Preparation. Then, we prepare your floor by grinding it down to remove the unflattering top layers and ensure the next, new coat will stick to the surface.
  • Step 3: Repairs. If there are any cracks or divots in your commercial property floor, we patch those up so the final product is a surface that’s level for everyone to enjoy.
  • Step 4: Base Coat. After the floor is prepared and level, we apply the base epoxy coat that adheres directly to the concrete.
  • Step 5: Decorative Flakes. While the epoxy dries, we flake your floor to bring out some additional shine and personalize the surface of your property.
  • Step 6: Final Coat. Now, we apply the top layer that acts as a shield against debris, liquids, abrasions, and more.

Get in Touch for a Free Commercial Epoxy Flooring Quote

Are you curious to learn more about the commercial epoxy flooring process and its benefits? Or do you feel ready to take the first step toward easily transforming your property with a durable, beautiful, and long-lasting epoxy floor? No matter which way you lean, contact us today to schedule your free consultation or secure your free, unique flooring quote!

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Polished concrete is one of the most commonly-used floor finishes in commercial and warehouse spaces. Businesses, like you, love to take advantage of their existing flooring by upgrading to polished concrete. This finish is perfect for properties that want to maximize their space and budget with a beautiful, durable, and easy-to-clean flooring solution.


Sealed concrete keeps water, oil, and other liquids from seeping through the cracks for a stain-resistant finish.


Polished concrete floors add resistance against chemicals and slipping, which makes them often exceed OSHA safety standards.


Transforming an existing floor doesn’t break the bank. Plus, polished concrete improves ambient lighting and reduces energy costs.

You can have total control over the final product with polished concrete. Make your space unique by choosing a cream polish, going full aggregate exposure, and mixing different colors and shades. With Epoxy Floors by Welch, you’ll have a modern floor in no time!


Believe us: you don’t want just any concrete contractor handling your flooring project. You want a team with decades of experience that prides itself on customer satisfaction. Look no further than Epoxy Floors by Welch. We care about our work and craft to the utmost extent, so you only get the best products and results.


When it comes to concrete floors in the Greater Kansas City area, we’re your go-to team. From polished concrete floors to more, we’re a full-service company equipped to help you every step of the way.

“Awesome service from this small local company. Brandon and his crew are a pleasure to deal with. Prices are very competitive and the work and look is 100% professional. Highly recommended.”

— Jose Vargas









I’m sure you have a lot of questions about driveway sealing. Therefore, I’m happy to help.


What is polished concrete?


Similar to sanding wood, concrete polishing and restoration involves grinding down the surface of the material until it reaches the desired level of smoothness. This process helps densify the concrete so that it becomes water and stain resistant.


Polished concrete vs epoxy


When it comes to polished concrete and epoxy flooring, we love both options! The two things to consider when choosing between epoxy and polished concrete are the space and the budget. Polished concrete is typically about half the cost of an epoxy floor. If you need a chemically-resistant floor that can handle more wear and tear, epoxy is the better choice.


How to clean polished concrete floors


The best way to keep a polished concrete floor clean is regular maintenance. Dirt and grime can degrade the surface of your concrete over time if not taken care of. We recommend dust mopping your polished concrete flooring every day for the highest level of shine. When the floor gets dirty past the point of dust mopping, use clean water or a polished concrete cleaner solution. For larger spaces we recommend investing in an auto-scrubber machine. If your floors lose their shine over the course of time, we can come back and re-polish them for you.


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