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Epoxy Floors by Welch is the top-tier epoxy, metallic flooring, and concrete finishing company in the Kansas City area. We treat every project with superior craftsmanship and quality results, but our main priority above all is our customer’s satisfaction.

Epoxy Flooring


Upgrade your old, cracked concrete floor to long-lasting epoxy.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring


Transform your floor into a work of art with custom metallic epoxy.



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You don’t want just any company handling your property improvement project. If concrete flooring isn’t done right, it might quickly fade, chip, or peel. That’s why you need the experts!

Epoxy Floors by Welch is proud to be Kansas City’s top-ranked epoxy, metallic flooring, and concrete finishing company. Want to see the proof for yourself? Check out our Facebook and Google reviews.


Our company offers the best results in the Kansas City metro area. We offer high-quality products paired with our decades of flooring experience. But more importantly, we treat every job unique to you. That’s why we provide various styles, applications, and finishes to suit exactly what you’re looking for. Browse our project gallery to see the results for yourself or to spark inspiration with your home or business renovation.

Concrete floors are one of the most versatile options available and a popular choice for homes and businesses. If you’re dreaming of transforming your Kansas City property with a beautiful floor surface, count on Epoxy Floors by Welch to provide a top-quality and low-cost flooring solution. 

We provide a full-service experience with personal consultations, extraordinary products, and professional installations. Epoxy Floors by Welch is based in the Kansas City metro area while serving far and wide between central Kansas to central Missouri. Our business is scaled to travel, meaning there’s nothing standing between you and your dream property.


Areas Served in Kansas & Missouri

Headquartered in the Kansas City metro area.

We offer services far outside the Kansas City area, expanding radially hundreds of miles as far as central Kansas and Missouri. Epoxy Floors by Welch intentionally is scaled to make nearly any job possible. Are you wondering if we served your neighborhood? Contact us today to chat about availability. CONTACT US today to chat about availability.


Here are Few Most Frequently Asked Question, You can check more detailed questions about each service in respective service pages

How does epoxy compare to polyurea flooring?

High-solid epoxy coating provides a longer-lasting floor. Polyurea might be stronger than epoxy, but it dries so quickly that it fails to grab hold of the concrete well. The key to a long-lasting floor is how well it adheres to the concrete underneath, making epoxy the better investment.

Can you explain the cost of epoxy flooring?

Installing epoxy floors typically starts at $5-6 per square foot. Costs can vary further based on the condition of your current floor, your color preferences, and additional surfaces you’d like coated, such as stem walls or stairs.

Damaged concrete floors will have to be patched and grinded down before we can lay epoxy. As you can imagine, the cost of this additional labor and material will depend heavily on the condition of the floor.

Additionally, we can remove any coating currently on your concrete floor: old epoxy, carpet, tile, or glue. Pricing for coating removal ranges from $0.25-1 per square foot. The price for coating stem walls depends on the height of the wall, but prices usually range between $3-5 per linear foot. Stair pricing starts at $50/step.

Our company has a wide range of color options for both color flake and solid color epoxy flooring. And if you have a unique project in mind, we happily offer custom colors for a small additional fee.

These numbers are just meant to help you estimate the cost of a new epoxy floor. For more accurate numbers depending on your project, give us a call today.

Is there any comparison between epoxy and garage tiles?

Garage tiles are a temporary solution and only good for a small portion of your floor, such as a workbench area. Unlike epoxy, garage tiles are hard to clean and allow water to seep through the cracks. This can cause mold to build up underneath the tiles. While you might not think it, garage tiles can also be very pricey compared to epoxy flooring.

We would not recommend garage tiles for your entire floor. In fact, many customers have called us to replace their garage tiles with epoxy. It’s the right investment for a better property.

How does your metallic epoxy flooring compare to other metallic flooring systems out there?

The metallic epoxy flooring system we use is unique in that each floor is completely different and customizable. For this reason, there is an endless variety of patterns and colors to choose from, so you can have the exact floor you’ve always dreamed about. The only limitation is your imagination, but there are plenty of examples of metallic epoxy flooring for inspiration.

With our metallic epoxy flooring, not only are you getting the best product, you’re also getting the best installation practices. In order to sell and install our flooring, we had to undergo intensive, hands-on training in order to become certified installers. So, you can be confident that your beautiful floor will be installed right, the first time.

Polished concrete vs epoxy

When it comes to polished concrete and epoxy flooring, we love both options! The two things to consider when choosing between epoxy and polished concrete are the space and the budget. Polished concrete is typically about half the cost of an epoxy floor. If you need a chemically-resistant floor that can handle more wear and tear, epoxy is the better choice.

Pros and cons of sealing concrete driveway

The two biggest advantages of a driveway sealing service are aesthetic and longevity. Sealed concrete driveways increase curb appeal almost immediately while also extending the lifespan of the driveway for years. This is because a sealed driveway is moisture-resistant, so water is repelled on contact. This can also be a disadvantage, as this can lead to a more slippery surface. However, most sealers are safe to use salt on and hiring the right team can assist with non-slip technology.

How do I check the sealing of my concrete driveway?

The best way to tell if the concrete is still sealed well is to soak it with a garden hose every summer and determine how it beads up. You’ll notice that it will hold up better in areas without a lot of sun. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact the Epoxy Floors by Welch team.