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Flooring can be one of the most expensive investments in your property, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Polished concrete offers an economical solution for those looking for a long-lasting, beautiful floor. Because of their durability and ease of maintenance, polished concrete is often used in commercial settings. However, they’ve been increasingly popular in garages, basements, and home interiors because of their beautiful shine and modern, industrial style.

What Is a Polished Concrete Floor?

Polished concrete is a concrete floor with a glossy, mirror-like sheen. The process involves repeatedly grinding an uncoated concrete floor with progressively finer grit pads. As the grit pads get finer, the concrete becomes smoother and shinier. This process also densifies the concrete surface, making it a much stronger substrate that’s almost impossible to damage.

How is Polished Concrete Cost-Effective?

Lower Installation Cost

Per square foot, polished concrete is far less expensive than other options like carpet, tile, hardwood, linoleum, and resinous floor coatings. In comparison, epoxy floor installations usually cost twice as much as polished concrete floors. Of course, the cost depends on your desired level of shine and complexity.


Although it’s less expensive, polished concrete does not compromise quality. Polished concrete floors are very durable and last for decades while maintaining their shine and condition. Polished concrete’s densification makes it very resilient to wear and tear. In the long run, it saves you money by preventing costly repairs, like cracking, chipping, and leveling.

Inexpensive Maintenance

Other floors require expensive ongoing maintenance, but polished concrete only requires a single installation. Unlike other floor types, polished concrete floors retain their shine and do not need wax treatments or recoated. Those services can add up over time.

Energy Efficiency

You wouldn’t think that floors could save you money on energy costs, but polished concrete can actually help reduce your electric bill. Polished concrete floors are reflective and bright, so you don’t need as much lighting to have a well-lit space.

Minimal Disruption to Business

If you’re planning any sort of renovation for an industrial or commercial space, interruptions to operations can be costly. Unlike resin-coated floors, polished concrete does not require extra time to cure or dry. A professional service can polish the concrete quickly, and you’ll be able to use your new floor immediately after they’re finished.

Additional Benefits of a Polished Concrete Floor

Though cost-effectiveness is one of the greatest benefits, there are several more reasons why polished concrete is an excellent choice. First, polished concrete is a LEED-approved, environmentally friendly solution. The process requires very little raw material, as the sheen is accomplished by simply grinding the concrete.

Second, cleaning polished concrete is quick and easy. Daily dust mopping is recommended. If the floor is more heavily soiled, you can mop it with warm water or a polished concrete cleaning agent. You don’t need harsh chemicals or vigorous scrubbing to maintain a beautiful floor.

Lastly, polished concrete improves the safety and air quality of your space. Many polished concrete floors are slip-resistant. They are also VOC and toxin-free, and they won’t trap dust or allergens.

Our Concrete Polishing Process

Surface preparation is our key to achieving exceptional, long-lasting polished concrete. Before we polish, we repair cracks and mechanically remove the existing coating if necessary. Then, we start diamond grinding the concrete with a coarse grit pad.

We repeat this several times before applying the chemical densifier. The densifier hardens the concrete and makes it extremely durable. We allow the surface to dry before grinding the concrete again with increasingly finer grit attachments until we reach your desired gloss level. The finer we grind, the shinier the surface becomes.

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